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Shayz Scentz

Fundraiser Program
How can this fundraiser program benefit your organization?
Shayz Scentz offers a very competitive program. 
Your organization will earn approx 43% of the proceeds per candle sold. 
See example calculations below! 
What are the sizes offered?
Shayz Scentz offers:
8oz Jelly Jars
How does the fundraiser work?
8oz Retail cost $12.00- Your profit $3.50
 See the profit calculator below for how much your group would make if everyone simply
made a commitment to sell just 15 candles at an average profit of $3.50 each!
10 sellers x 15 candles@ $3.50 = $525 profit
20 sellers x 15 candles @ $= $1050 profit
30 sellers x 15 candles @ $3.50 = $1575 profit




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